Tuesdays and Fridays are closed for the months of July, August and September

We boast of Nine Pools and Forty Six Rides. By far the most for any Water Park in India

Entry Ticket

Types of Water Rides

  • Crazy Rapids
  • Cracker Curves(1st in India)
  • Zumba Loop(1st in India)
  • Jumbo Raft
  • Super Combo(1st in India)
  • Kid’s Shaded Swings
  • Kid’s Open Spiral Ride
  • Kid’s Free Falls
  • Kid’s Broad Slide
  • Kid’s Tunnel Spiral Ride
  • Tunnel Twister
  • Mat Tunnel Spiral
  • Float Pool Spiral
  • Rain Dance Floor
  • Float Racer Tunnel
  • Float Open Spiral
  • Mat Racers
  • Mat Wave Fall
  • Mat Free Fall
  • Ladies And Kids Pool With Slides
  • Tilting Bucket
Shaded Kid’s Junction(1st in India)
  • Shaded Toddler’s Pool
  • Shaded Jumbo Toddler’s Pool
  • Swirling Spiral
  • Mini Tornado
  • Sudden Drop
  • Mini Broad Slide
  • Pirates Tilting Bucket
  • Wave Pool
  • Water Falls(Operational by 15th November 2018, 1st in Hyderabad)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Blue Bang
  • Racer Bowl